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March 27 2017

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It’s not too late for you to attend a townhall (or organize one)! Pointers from Organizing For Action:

Our three big takeaways:

  • Ask a pointed, yet respectful, question for your MOC (member of congress). Focus on one issue (health care), fuse with your personal story, and get a commitment from your member of Congress.
  • Execute your town hall with the biggest splash. Get there early; make sure your group is spread out; and don’t wear partisan buttons or bring signs.
  • Use digital tools to amplify your work. As we like to say, “pics or it didn’t happen.” The goal of using social networks during recess is to catch eyes – those of our friends and family, press, and member of Congress. Help us help you do that by taking pictures and tweeting them out using the hashtags #CareNotChaos and #OFAction.

You can review the entire online training by downloading a pdf of the powerpoint. If your member of Congress is not holding a town hall be sure to check out the Congressional Recess toolkit which includes best practices and sample agenda for requesting an office visit with your elected official.

Below are are some resources, tools, and next steps you can take as you prepare your town halls and visits with your members of Congress:

  • Publicize your events on social media using the hashtags #CareNotChaos and #OFAction.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to let us know about your events! Send pictures, videos, and an overview by using our report back form.


My name is fan
And wen its nite
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ar sleeping tite
Wen showrunners
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I do the thing.
I rite the fic.

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Costume. Chitons.

Marjorie & C. H. B.Quennell, Everyday Things in Archaic Greece (London: B. T. Batsford, 1931).

Wait, wait…. Is that seriously it? How their clothes go?

that genuinely is it

yeah hey whats up bout to put some fucking giant sheets on my body

lets bring back sheetwares

When you’re carding, spinning and weaving everything from scratch, using the big squares exactly as they come off the loom must seem like a fucking brilliant idea. 90% (or more) of pre-14th century clothing is made purely on squares (and sometimes triangles cut from squares). 

How did they get the fabric so fine it draped like that? Was that something medieval europe forgot? Or do I just have a completely misguided image of historical clothing?

Medieval Europe also had incredibly fine weaves, though the ancient world tended to have them beat. Linen was found in Egypt woven with a fineness that we’re still trying to replicate, and there was a kind of cotton woven in India called ‘woven wind’ that was supposedly still translucent at eight layers, and wool shawls so fine that the entire thing could be drawn through a wedding ring

The way they could get away with pinking and slashing doublets in the 16th century was partially because the fabrics were so tightly woven that you could simply cut a line on the bias and nothing would fray. 

Modern fabric machining sucks ass in terms of giving us any kind of quality like the kind human beings produced prior to the Industrial Revolution. 

*yells about textile history*

Reblogging because it’s fascinating.

Rereblogging because now the post has cool weaving info!

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Ariana Grande dragging Ryan Seacrest in 2015 and 2016

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no seat-belts, we die like men.

March 26 2017



How often my conversations about feminism have spiraled into requests for assault. I say, “Women don’t need men to defend them,” and am asked, “Can I punch you, then?” And I say, “Women belong in movies and video games and everything,” and I hear terrible things, unprintable slurs and demands for my assault, the threatening of a young woman to shut up: What they would do to silence me. The things they’d shove between my teeth. I say, “Men cannot threaten any woman they disagrees with,” and I’m told, “Women are just as cruel. Am I not supposed to respond in kind?” In my inbox today I have deleted sixteen messages asking for my life. When I say, “Your virginity only means what you want it to mean,” I’m asked, “If you believe in sexual freedom can I fuck you?” When I say “All it takes to be a woman is to want to be a woman,” I am asked, “So if I just say that I’m a woman, can I watch you in the shower?” As if women stand shadowy behind each other in our private moments. As if being woman means sexually assaulting each other.

Part of me - cynical, unwilling to be frightened, says that it might be a nice dose of reality. My shower where I am naked but my hair becomes streaky and thin, where my body sags, where my makeup smears. To witness a woman less than sexy, legs akimbo while shaving, pulling up flab thighs to reach the underside. Part of me dares them to punch me because I fight to win and am small but I’ll kill a man if he touches me. Once I dropped a U.S Marine. Part of me, hellfire and ice queen - says come on, then. You want a fight? Come fight me.

But more is scared. More timidly deletes messages, makes sure my name is hidden, doesn’t answer the endless antifeminist comments. The insertion of men and their opinion on simple things like “I teach children to ask before hugging.” When I close my eyes sometimes I wonder if they’re right and that scares me. How much am I going to change when my voice only echoes around me.

Why are you angry. Why are you angry. What do you think we are taking from you? If it’s not already equal why would equality frighten you.

The ancient art of being a woman and trying to get your voice heard: the gentle suggestion, the peaceful comment. The quiet listening to another opinion and the fact we must acknowledge it before we can continue. That I must educate, be sweet, be feminine in my feminism or else it’s “invalid.” I must present my declaration as a timid thing: “Women maybe should be part of more things.” And then the apologies: of course I don’t hate men, yes I like plenty of things with men in them, no I don’t think women are better. And then the explanations: women are people, here is the number of women in media, here is the number of dead women in media, here are the number of shows led by men. And then I brace for it. For the bullying.

Every time I speak it’s from a flinch. From “maybe this isn’t always the case but for me it is.” From please listen. From less demanding. God forbid I state factually that men are violent. If I speak about our fathers and brothers and the cycle of anger unfolding. God forbid I suggest that just once we should cut the bullshit and treat women well without pandering to men about how that helps them. What if I say “Men shouldn’t hit anyone. Hitting isn’t an answer.”

I’ll tell you what happens. The post was up for four seconds with three notes. The message I get is “If hitting isn’t allowed I’ll just go ahead and shove a gun down your throat.”

Why are you angry. Why are you angry. What do you think we are taking from you?

The possibility of collusion between Trump’s allies and Russian intelligence is much more serious than Watergate. It is a constitutional crisis. It represents a violation of our republic’s most sacred trust.

The worst part about our lackluster collective response to Russia’s interference is that it represents exactly what the Russians were hoping to produce: apathy. Their goal, in addition to installing a president sympathetic to their views, was to undermine Americans’ belief in our democracy. For Americans to think that none of this really matters, that it’s all a game. That’s how they truly erode U.S. moral authority and strength over the long term. It’s what they have sought to do to European adversaries for many years, and now they have brought this seed of destruction here.

We all have a role to play in stopping it. Each of us should be judged by how we respond at this moment when the most fundamental precept of our democracy has been violated.

The Clinton campaign warned you about Russia. But nobody listened to us.  (via wilwheaton)
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John Mulaney, The Comeback Kid

If you LIKE pineapple on pizza, reblog this post.


And if you DON’T like pineapple on your pizza, reblog THIS POST.

I’m doing a census on this ongoing argument please help it’s obviously important. 

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Something I wish more people would understand…

What’s her name?

Her name is Jane Elliott. She was a former schoolteacher, now she’s anti-racism activist, feminist and LGBT activist. She’s tiny, mean, and boss as fuck.

She’s known for her “blue eyes-brown eyes experiment” where she divides a group of volunteers from the blues and the browns. The minute the people walk in, the blue-eyes know they’re not welcomed. She makes them wait in a separate room, gives them shitty chairs, bad food, and shows them less respect. And (obviously) it causes all sorts of discomfort and rage, but that’s precisely her point. It doesn’t help that most blue-eyed volunteers happen to be white as well. Sometimes they get the message, sometimes they don’t and leave, sometimes crying or screaming. And Jane Elliott says that’s exactly what minorities want to do everyday of their lives, but they simply cannot do.

Did I mention she’s boss as fuck?

Vancouver Aquarium cetacean ban could mean animals will have to be euthanized: DFO




The federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) predicts that the Vancouver Park Board’s ban on cetaceans at the Vancouver Aquarium could have potentially tragic consequences.

The department says a complete cetacean ban will take away the option to rescue and rehabilitate injured animals, like Chester, the false killer whale who was saved after being stranded on a Tofino beach.

Fisheries and Oceans decided that Chester, and fellow cetacean, the harbour porpoise named Daisy, could be not be released back into the wild, but the aquarium had the capacity to give them a home.

“We are the only place in Canada that has the capability of responding to a live stranded cetacean, bring them into a facility, and successful rehabilitate those animals,” said Dr. Martin Haulena, a veterinarian at the aquarium.

But the Vancouver Park Board changed all that when it unanimously voted to end cetacean captivity at the aquarium earlier this month.

Read Full Article

Submitted by caesuria.

@why-animals-do-the-thing relevant to yesterday’s post

Ending cetacean captivity means that unreleasable rescues must be euthanized. There is no other option. 

If you truly believe that captivity is worse than premature euthanization, and you’re willing to publicly stand behind that statement no matter how cute the next stranded dolphin is, I will respect you while I heartily disagree with you. 

But if you’re advocating to end cetacean captivity without realizing that you are also advocating for the fact that every potentially young, healthy animal we could have saved and given a long life would have to be put down, you really need to reexamine your worldview. 

You can’t responsibly advocate for extreme positions without being aware of and comfortable with the consequences. I don’t think a lot of people realized this would be one of the outcomes of this choice. 

Edit: It’s also worth noting that the park board who made this decision for the facility has literally nothing to do with anything involving the animals. They administer the land that the Vancouver Aquarium rents, so they can set policy indirectly by making rules for their tenants to adhere to like many landlords do. And these people with literally no involvement in the actual facility and no background in animal management or care or welfare decided they knew enough from the “public discourse” to make a call that will get future potential unreleaseable rescues killed. 



This is important.

It’s not a “loophole” it’s explicit within the text of the amendment

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Yes Picard yes.


“Nobody ever used their tax dollars to help me!” says local man who drives on roads, gets his trash collected, has clean water, sends his kids to school, utilizes the police and fire departments, walks his dog in the park, receives mail, and also possess no sense of self reflection. 

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Watch: This neuroscientist destroyed the biggest myths about the war on drugs 

Always reblog Carl Hart. Always. *heart eye emoji*

there was a great piece on him in the new york times a few years ago: 


the rational choices of crack addicts

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This is the “free speech bus.” Run by a gaggle of homophobic religious groups, it kicked off a trip on the East Coast this week to try to convince the world that transgender people aren’t real. 

Guess how long it took before it got vandalized: one day. Whoops.

It’s almost as if when you embark on a road trip specifically to harm and dehumanize other people, those people and their friends will push back! Some great observations from Twitter:

Nope. No sympathy for transphobes on wheels. 


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