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April 26 2017

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y'all know y'all can just. dislike someone or something w/o it being like. offensive or problematic right? like sometimes shit just rubs you the wrong way. and that’s okay. so like. y'all don’t have to look up or make up some kind of reason for disliking something/someone all the time. you can just not fuck w/ it


what freedom speech is: you can express your opinions freely and the government can not punish you for them as long as it’s not some
sort of terroristic threat/hate speech.

what y'all who clearly failed 8th grade civics thinks it means: anyone can say anything and if you disagree or don’t like what i say you aren’t allowed to speak up,be angry or protest against it ever.

I teach a class called ‘Decolonize Your Diet,’ and I talk about the Spaniards arriving in Mesoamerica. One of the first things they tried to change—in addition to religion— was the way people ate. They introduced wheat and tried to make eating bread something that was seen as more valuable than eating corn. They outlawed amaranth, and in South America they outlawed quinoa.

I tell my students to think about how the dominant powers are invested in controlling what their subjects eat, and then to take that concept from the 1500s to our contemporary era and ask themselves, ‘What are the powers that be wanting us to eat right now? Where are all the food subsidies going? How is that influencing what we’re eating? Who’s benefiting and who’s suffering because of that?’ For students, drawing those connections is really powerful, and it gives them a tangible way to analyze relations of power.

Dr. Catrióna Esquibel (via nativenews)

Ava DuVernay Confirms Fan-Film Starring Rihanna And Lupita Nyong'o May Happen










Ava DuVernay has been in talks about the fan-film conceptualized on Twitter starring Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o, written by Issa Rae.

The idea came from a series of tweets stemming from a 2014 photo of the ladies sitting side-by-side at a Miu Miu show. A Twitter user captioned the photo, “Rihanna looks like she scams rich white men and Lupita is the computer smart best friend that helps plan the scams,” and the internet went wild with calls for the film to be created.

“I was texting with these sisters today, and there were some interesting conversations. So we’ll see what comes,” DuVernay said Monday night during Conversations on Creativity with Questlove hosted at Pratt Institute.

My twitter feed is in shambles,“ DuVernay said. “I can’t even retweet anymore. It’s so many people over the last four days inundating me with it. It just feels nice like, ‘they like me, they picked me.’”

“But also, I think the main thing is the idea that the people want a certain kind of film. People want Black women in centered, powerful images that are complex and layered. And that have nuance beyond what we’re relegated to. And they want it from other Black women. They chose Black writers, with Issa. Issa text me like, ‘Yooo!’ She’s on the set of Insecure trying to be insecure. And all this great stuff is happening.”

“So it just feels like, wow, this is a moment of Black women centered-ness. It’s an indicator of this voice is valid and it should be amplified. And so, I accept it as that.”

Make it happen yo🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾


The only thing that pisses me off is (unless the tumblr user posted their comments on Twitter years later), some person stole them and is getting credit for coming up with the idea.

Does anyone know who the original Tumblr user was?

Signal boost! Find the original poster!

She’s been found! It was @elizabitchtaylor 

elizabitchtaylor answered:

Yeah, I am in touch with the person who posted the tweet. She was very upfront with me that she didn’t purposely copy me. I don’t think she stole it. We are working with a team to hopefully get something off the ground. Wish me luck y’all.

So glad the originator of the idea is included. I remember when it was circulating around here way back when and loved the concept the first time I saw it. While I was glad to see the idea circulating again and that it had caught the attention and interest of those named, I thought it a shame if the person who started it all that time ago wasn’t getting credit.

Yeah… like I told her, that idea has been a beloved tumblr post for ages… we even made fan art for it!

It sucks that Tumblr is always playing “Jan” to Twitter’s “Marsha” because we have some great shit here that never gets seen.

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Let me guess? He was falsely accused of some form of sex crime, and she listened and believed?

Literally so far from the truth, not even funny.

They filmed themselves “pranking” their children. Sounds harmless, right? No. They usually “prank” their child Cody. They did things such as pushed him into furniture, injuring him, blamed him for stuff they did themselves to elicit some sort of reaction from him (usually intense hysteria), as well as filming their older children hurting and bullying Cody to the point of tears.

Philip DeFranco called them out on their shit, and obviously, people were pissed. To prove Cody loved them, they “pranked” him again, saying they were giving him up for adoption. Naturally, a child as young as Cody being ripped away from the family he’s accustomed to terrified him and he cried at that prospect and they were like “HAHA HATERS SEE?? CODY LOVES US!!!”

They recently said they weren’t bringing Cody to Disneyland because he smeared his faeces on the walls, which is a common sign of what happens to child abuse victims I believe. This only adds to the evidence that they’re abusive pieces of shit.

By now, they’ve deleted every single video of theirs besides this one. However, clips still remain on Philip DeFranco’s video as well as other YouTubers. Warning, they’re harrowing.

They are literally awful, I am pleased they are being looked into so much now because their treatment of Cody was shocking. They are disgusting.

Please boost the shit out of this Cody needs help and he really cannot do much to defend for himself.

I can’t trust anyone who says “it was just a prank.” Fucking hell man, the now deleted invisible ink prank made me so distressed. I just don’t know how anyone could find this family’s videos remotely amusing. 

When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, vain, empty. The world teaches you that the way you exist in it is disgusting — you watch boys cringe backward in your dorm room when you talk about your period, blue water pretending to be blood in a maxi pad commercial. It is little things, and it is constant. In a food court in a mall, after you go to the gynecologist for the first time, you and your friend talk about how much it hurts, and over her shoulder you watch two boys your age turn to look at you and wrinkle their noses: the reality of your life is impolite to talk about. The world says that you don’t have a right to the space you occupy, any place with men in it is not yours, you and your body exist only as far as what men want to do with it. At fifteen, you find fifteen-year-old boys you have never met somehow believe you should bend your body to their will. At almost thirty, you find fifteen-year-old boys you have never met still somehow believe you should bend your body to their will. They are children. They are children.
— Stevie Nicks (via whisperingwordsofwisdom)


watching a documentary on female journalists in the 1800′s, and apparently men wanted to “cater” to women in the media in order to increase sales of newspapers, so they created women’s newspaper sections and hired women to write for newspapers, but women were forced to only write about fashion and cleaning, despite what female journalists and female readers wanted. weird how the lie that women’s interest in fashion and cleaning and other “feminine” things is somehow natural and inherit still is very popular to this day despite it being clearly man made and forced on to women


this is just my two cents but hypermasculinity is a problem because encouraging men to maintain an air of superiority through aggression and promote misogyny and heterosexism gets women raped and killed and gets lgbt people killed not because it disallows precious sensitive cisgender heterosexual men their freedom of expression

America is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People



This is a good article.

We have entered a phase of regression,and one of the easiest ways to see it is in our infrastructure: our roads and bridges look more like those in Thailand or Venezuela than the Netherlands or Japan. But it goes far deeper than that, which is why Temin uses a famous economic model created to understand developing nations to describe how far inequality has progressed in the United States. The model is the work of West Indian economist W. Arthur Lewis, the only person of African descent to win a Nobel Prize in economics. 

In the Lewis model of a dual economy, much of the low-wage sector has little influence over public policy. Check. 

The high-income sector will keep wages down in the other sector to provide cheap labor for its businesses. Check. 

Social control is used to keep the low-wage sector from challenging the policies favored by the high-income sector. Mass incarceration - check. 

The primary goal of the richest members of the high-income sector is to lower taxes. Check. 

Social and economic mobility is low. Check.

Temin says that today in the U.S., the ticket out is education, which is difficult for two reasons: you have to spend money over a long period of time, and the FTE sector is making those expenditures more and more costly by defunding public schools and making policies that increase student debt burdens.  

Even with a diploma, you will likely find that high-paying jobs come from networks of peers and relatives. Social capital, as well as economic capital, is critical, but because of America’s long history of racism and the obstacles it has created for accumulating both kinds of capital, black graduates often can only find jobs in education, social work, and government instead of higher-paying professional jobs like technology or finance— something most white people are not really aware of. Women are also held back by a long history of sexism and the burdens — made increasingly heavy — of making greater contributions to the unpaid care economy and lack of access to crucial healthcare.

How did we get this way?

What happened to America’s middle class, which rose triumphantly in the post-World War II years, buoyed by the GI bill, the victories of labor unions, and programs that gave the great mass of workers and their families health and pension benefits that provided security?

Around 1970, the productivity of workers began to get divided from their wages. Corporate attorney and later Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell galvanized the business community to lobby vigorously for its interests. Johnson’s War on Poverty was replaced by Nixon’s War on Drugs, which sectioned off many members of the low-wage sector, disproportionately black, into prisons. Politicians increasingly influenced by the FTE sector turned from public-spirited universalism to free-market individualism. As money-driven politics accelerated (a phenomenon explained by the Investment Theory of Politics, as Temin explains), leaders of the FTE sector became increasingly emboldened to ignore the needs of members of the low-wage sector, or even to actively work against them.

 Temin notes that “the desire to preserve the inferior status of blacks has motivated policies against all members of the low-wage sector.”

What can we do?

We’ve been digging ourselves into a hole for over forty years, but Temin says that we know how to stop digging.

If we spent more on domestic rather than military activities, then the middle class would not vanish as quickly. 

The effects of technological change and globalization could be altered by political actions. 

We could restore and expand education, shifting resources from policies like mass incarceration to improving the human and social capital of all Americans. 

We could upgrade infrastructure, forgive mortgage and educational debt in the low-wage sector,

 reject the notion that private entities should replace democratic government in directing society, and

 focus on embracing an integrated American population. 

We could tax not only the income of the rich, but also their capital.

 We have a structure that predetermines winners and losers. We are not getting the benefits of all the people who could contribute to the growth of the economy, to advances in medicine or science which could improve the quality of life for everyone — including some of the rich people.”

Along with Thomas Piketty, whose Capital in the Twenty-First Century examines historical and modern inequality, Temin’s book has provided a giant red flag, illustrating a trajectory that will continue to accelerate as long as the 20 percent in the FTE sector are permitted to operate a country within America’s borders solely for themselves at the expense of the majority. 

Without a robust middle class, America is not only reverting to developing-country status, it is increasingly ripe for serious social turmoil that has not been seen in generations.

In Other Words Revolution

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Empowerment lies not in adjusting to patriarchal gender norms for women but in destroying them. It’s choosing collective liberation over the feelings of individuals. It’s fighting and striving to free women from everything based in the gender hierarchy, in male violence, in female subordination and objectification. Empowerment is not what feels good for you but what does good for women as a class.




I keep seeing people saying that this whole condom removal thing is a “growing trend” like it hasn’t been happening since condoms were invented.

I remember getting into it with a dude on Facebook who posted a meme about “crinkling a condom wrapper” and how it wasn’t funny and it was actually assault and he told me to “calm down” cause this was meant to be “between consenting adults” but I explained that consent to one act is not consent to all and he STILL FOUGHT WITH ME. I ended up blocking him because he then messaged me to try and explain his stance but at that point he was already a potential rapist to me.

I’ve had this happen, both as a civ with vanilla dating and as a sex worker. This is scary as fuck. My last assault he did not use a condom. After the waiting period to be tested for everything, having to take PReP, the morning after pill, and everything else preventative, I am still so mad that this is a thing AND HAS BEEN A THING FOR A VERY LONG TIME, but is only now being recognized as assault.

And like…. there is resistant strains of sti’s now. There are things you cannot get rid of. If you are in a place where it’s hard to obtain plan b or an abortion, what if you get pregnant?

Men need to do better. This isn’t a joke. Call out your friends if you see them make these kinds of jokes. Use condoms. Learn about condoms so you’re never that asshole that says “it’s too small”.

I am so tired of this shit.

It’s called coercive reproduction. There was a huge thread on here about it featuring that picture about two years ago. A lot of us shared our stories about our experiences with it to which barbershop Tumblr had a field day with.

I’m a simulated patient/actress that trains medical staff in live roll plays about intimate partner violence and coercive reproduction.

Ipv/coercive reproduction is punishable by law. And for patients experiencing IPV that cannot leave relationships or work with people that attempt to impregnate them without consent. As for the sti’s patients can take the person who assaulted them to court.

Let’s be clear here

If you tell someone to wear a condom and they don’t?

They are literally igoring your wishes and don’t give a shit about consent and they are a fucking VILE PERSON


To anyone reading this who is dating someone who has done this?


As fast as possible, any way you can

Make something up to get them out of your life if you have to, use any legal means you have to make sure that they NEVER infect your life with their vermin presence again 

They’re TRASH

And you need to get them out of your life

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People around the world use more than a trillion plastic bags every year. They’re made of a notoriously resilient kind of plastic called polyethylene that can take decades to break down.

But the humble wax worm may hold the key to biodegrading them.

It was an accidental discovery. Scientist and beekeeper Federica Bertocchini was frustrated to find that her beehives were infested with the caterpillar larvae of Galleria mellonella, commonly known as a wax worm.

Bertocchini, who works at the Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria in Spain, tells NPR that she was cleaning out the hive and put the worm-infested parts in a plastic bag.

But shortly afterward, she noticed that “they were all crawling around my place and the plastic bag was riddled with holes.”

The Lowly Wax Worm May Hold The Key To Biodegrading Plastic

Photo: Wayne Boo/USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab

I’ve heard the saying “nature finds a way” my whole life … and this makes me want to believe that nature is finding a way to save herself from the primates who are doing everything we can to destroy the only planet we have.

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Just in case you forget this exists.

It exists.

With those “when you want to design a character but you don’t know color theory” posts flying around I thought this would be relevant again.


there’s also Coolors website that gives you randomized palettes!


Don’t forget ColourLovers, either! It’s a social media-esque site where you can browse tons of palettes and share your own.

You can browse the most popular ones or search for certain colors, themes, and even specific hex codes!

When you find one you like, you can download a wallpaper swatch of it and also select the specific colors it uses to look at more palettes that use those same ones.

ColourLovers is my go-to for when I’m having trouble coming up with a color scheme! It’s also been around for over a decade, so there’s plenty to browse through.

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This. Is. True.

April 25 2017

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Nancy Pelosi says it’s possible to be an anti-abortion rights Democrat

  • On Sunday morning’s Meet the Press, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told host Chuck Todd “of course” someone who identifies as “pro-life” could be considered a Democrat.
  • “I have served many years in Congress with members who have not shared my very positive — what my family would say — aggressive position on promoting a woman’s right to choose,” Pelosi said.
  • Pelosi’s remarks were in response to Todd’s prodding about Heath Mello, a Democratic mayoral candidate in Omaha, Nebraska, with a history of supporting anti-abortion legislation
  • Mello has since revised his stance on abortion rights to align with the Democratic party’s.
  • But the candidate’s track record on the issue garnered attention when Sen. Bernie Sanders endorsed Mello in spite of it. Read more (4/24/17)

Fucking stand up for women, Democrats. Don’t trade a woman’s fundamental rights to make incredibly personal a difficult choices so you can *possibly* get a few more votes out of a group that will almost always choose the real Republican over the one you’re pretending to be.



Can I ask what’s maybe a stupid question?

If Marvel bases sales on pre-orders, rather than people who buy at the comic shop each week (read Colin @spacetwinks​’s excellent summary of how this works (which, as a fringe bonus, includes a tweet of mine!) if you want more (and depressing) detail on this)…

Then how does us deciding to vote with our dollars matter at all? If stores have already placed their orders for Marvel’s big summer event, we’re not punishing Marvel for not buying Nazi Cap, we’re punishing the stores, which are by and large just trying to stay solvent in this shitty economy. Marvel’s already making their money, right? A boycott based on actual content, which is released three full months after stores had to place their orders so Marvel knew what it would be making from the sales, seems great for our morals but pointless from an economic standpoint.

I’m not saying to spend money on this clusterfuck of an event, but I’m wondering what we can do to actually make a dent in corporate confidence rather than just feel better about ourselves.

I have spoken extensively with my LCBS owner on this topic.  I apologize if advance, if you don’t like what he recommended.

As you correctly stated, the LCBS need to order everything months in advance – and pre-pay.  If my store orders one hundred issues of Nazi Cap, and only sells twenty-five, they are responsible for the other seventy-five issues.  Complete lost of profit on their part.  It’s killing them.

The best way to help your store is to CANCEL ALL YOUR MARVEL SUBSCRIPTIONS.  All of them.  Even the good ones.  Do not buy Marvel Comics.  The current editorial staff doesn’t see or care about your reasoning why you’re buying America #1 by not buying Captain America #666.  They only care about the total yield.  They also care about their place in the pecking order.

The best way to help your store is to take those CANCELLED subscriptions, and change them to any other company.  DC Comics, Image, Archie, Dark Horse, Boom, whatever.  I would HIGHLY suggest DC Comics, just because Marvel really only consider them their “competition.”

If you do not sub to comics or have a pull list, please go into your store and tell them: “I am not longer buying Marvel Comics and do not count me in your estimated pre-orders.”  

I remember when the New 52 Launched and Dan Didio made that comment about “what female writers should we hire” at Comic Con.  I walked into my store, cancelled all of my orders, and my notice of cancellation was sent to DC Comics by my store owner.  I was the second person cancelling a LARGE monthly order and he was PISSED.  If you talk to the owners, and tell them you’re on their side, they will help you.

Going after Disney is VERY tricky.  Again, my LCBS owner and I talked about this when the whole Nazi Cap snafu started.  The only way to hurt Marvel is to go after their brand on social media and frankly, go after their toys and movie money.

But even that logic isn’t sound, because Marvel’s profits are tossed into Disney’s overall profits.  Disney can afford to write off their Marvel comic division, if the licensing and films are covering the overall cost of the Marvel brand.  Moreover, the Star Wars comics published by Marvel are keeping everything else a float.  

Disney also doesn’t look at the profits for just Marvel, it’s called the Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media Division.  Marvel is looped in with Star Wars, Disney Princesses, Kingdom Hearts.  CNBC did report the the stock is down do this division, but they don’t name names.

So, what I’m saying is, it’s a spiderweb.  There is no easy answer.  I would, though, start with cancelling all your Marvel Comics.









This is exactly how you don’t talk to fic writers. This is an incredibly rude, condescending, and presumptive way to point out errors to fic writers. If we do not expressly ask for our errors to be pointed out, don’t say anything. Especially do not make it the sole purpose of your comment. We do not need patronizing readers like this acting as saviors or as our line editors. 


I second this whole post. I’ve had this happen, its tremendously disheartening.

I’ve gone back and forth about commenting on stories with grammatical edits.  Mainly for the fact that I know I’m not the Grammar/Punctuation Police and that while I personally would be happy to beta something or serve as writing coach, not everyone gives a damn nor wants to receive the help in that way.  It does come off as condescending, rude, and arrogant.  It does come off as inappropriate and demoralizing. 

As a reader, you are bound to notice mistakes.  I notice mistakes in published manuscripts, after they’ve been through round after round of edits.  I’m sure you’ll notice it in fanfiction.  But, if you’re absolutely going to comment on something, there’s a time and place for it.  And what the above writer said is absolutely correct: there’s an etiquette around it. 

So sit down, folks.  Time for a How to Leave Typo Spotting Comments Etiquette Lesson: 

1. Before you EVER leave a comment on a typo, you must first leave an actual comment on the work.  If, as in the above example, you notice a typo in the description—I promise you don’t need to IMMEDIATELY rush to leave a comment before you even read the fic.  It’s already been posted, and unless you happen to catch the writer while they are at their computer ready and able to respond, they won’t be able to fix the description until later anyway.  So hold your horses, read the chapter that the typo is in from start to finish, and then go to the comments section. 

If you are not interested in the story, and you don’t care, and you just want to leave a comment about the grammar:

Walk away, ignore the typo, it isn’t your business.  Just let it go.  Accept that someone made a mistake, and move on with your life.  Breathe a sigh of relief that you know it’s wrong, and understand it’s not your place to correct other people for their errors.  Be proud of yourself that you saw it, and leave it alone. 

If! However, you are a decent human being who decided to read the chapter the typo was in, now is your opportunity to go down one or two paths. The path that involves only one question: Did you like the fic enough to leave a positive review? 

If your answer is yes: Do so now.  

Your comment can be as simple as this: 

“Wow, I really like where you’re going with this! Character A was spot on, great job!” 

And now, after you’ve left this comment, you may politely mention the typo. 

“Something I noticed, though is it looks like you may have a typo in your description - I think you meant “you’re” instead.” 

Now, as a parting conclusion, you may decide to leave one final boost of confidence to the brave soul who posted this fic for your free entertainment. 

“But overall— your story was wonderful, keep up the good work!” 

What has this done? It has let the writer know that you cared enough about their story to read it.  That you care enough about the work they created to politely offer a quick correction, and that you still believe in them.  

You are being helpful and not a condescending asshole. 

If your answer is No, you don’t like the story: Walk away.  Stop right there. Don’t comment, don’t correct. Leave it alone.  You are a good person who understands that they don’t need to butt into everything.  You can roll your eyes and be contended elsewhere.  Move along. 

2. Now. 

If you are an eagle eyed reader, you may see multiple typos in one work. 

You may decide: Oh, if I leave a joyful comment I can point out every single typo and they’ll be happy. 


Typos happen.  They happen in published manuscripts, they happen in fanficiton, they happen in professional documents.  They happen, and they exist, and if you see them— GOOD FOR YOU. 

You should only point them out to the writer if it falls under one of the following categories: 

A. If the writer accidentally said Character A did an action when it was really Character B. 
Ex: James tied the knot. 
(But really, John tied the knot). 

This is an easy mistake that happens, especially with characters of similar sounding names.  The correct format to comment on this is as follows: 

“I really loved your fic and like where you’re going with it.  Out of curiosity, when you said that James tied the knot, did you mean John? Sorry I was a little confused.  Great job, and I look forward to more!” 

(Please note you can comment whoever you like on the fic, this is merely an example.  I’m not saying you need to say you love the fic, etc.) 

This helps the author realize that you as a reader were confused, and they will not feel personally attacked by the comment or correction. 

B. If the writer accidentally had a typo with a verb being used, and it leads a character to do the wrong action. 

Ex: James watched the roof.
vs: James thatched the roof.

This happens, and it can be confusing for a reader because we get lost on what the person is actually doing. 

Again, using a similar format as above:

1. compliment the fic, 

2. inquire as to whether the verb is wrong

3. validate the fic to the writer. 

Simple format. It doesn’t change. 

C. If someone uses the wrong language, or there’s an error in a google translate -  please do correct it.  Not everyone is multi-lingual. But USE THE HOLY FORMAT OF COMMENTING. 

1. Compliment

2. Inquire

3. Validate. 

“I’m so glad you decided to write this story, I’ve been looking for something like it.  I really liked X scene because I think it showed off a great interaction between Character A and B.  For your translation, however I think you meant “………….” Thank you again for your hard work, and your effort! I look forward to more.”

D. If there are multiple errors, then do not point every single one out.  You are not their beta reader, you are not their english (or whatever language it’s written in) professor.  You are a consumer of a free product designed to entertain you.  If you are not entertained, and by reading the fic you think you will never be entertained, then there is nothing you can change in the writer and you need to let it go. 

If you think “gee, I would love this work if only they have a beta writer” and you feel as though you could commit to actually being a beta writer, you can offer it POLITELY in the comment. 

“Hey, if you’re interested I’d love to beta for you, but otherwise, thank you so much for your wonderful story and I truly look forward to where you’re going with this!” 

If you’re not going to commit to that? Then back off. Leave it alone.  Point out the biggest error that you spot if you absolutely must, but otherwise — you can’t fix something that needs a beta reader to edit it thoroughly.  You can’t do a line edit on someone’s work.  You can’t do it in the comments. 

Step away from the keyboard and leave it alone. 

Find a new story, there are plenty out there.  Enjoy those stories and leave nice things on their fics.  But do not be a little shit to someone you will never change. 


In conclusion: 

If you have nothing nice to say, you hate the fic, you think it’s trash, then leave it alone.  

If someone is in obvious need of a beta reader but makes no mention of wanting one, or the story cannot possibly benefit from it, or YOU PERSONALLY CANNOT COMMIT TO IT (do not under any circumstances say: You need a beta reader before you post.) — don’t offer, don’t leave your two cents.  Just let it go. 

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. 

If you want to engage in a conversation about the fic, then perhaps do it on a different venue. 

Not the comment section. 

Or maybe you can fucking proofread your fanfics before posting them. It’s a matter of respect to the reader, whom you’re basically giving unfinished work to.

And if your beta reader sucks, fire him.

If your art is not perfect, it’s garbage.

As a reader or viewer, you aren’t entitled to anything. As you said yourself, we’re basically giving you work, and it’s free for that matter, and we do our best to proofread and clean up our work, but as content creators, we can’t be absolutely perfect. 

Do you know what it’s like to write a 20,000 word story on a deadline and proofread it yourself? And then, a reader finds a simple typo that confused “you’re” and “your” that we might have missed, and out of the entire 20,000 word story we just put up for free after hours working on it and writing and perfecting it to the best of our abilities, to point out only that one thing and not commenting on the story in general…. How do you think that makes us feel? 

Frankly, how dare you demand perfection for free content and have the audacity to call it garbage if it doesn’t meet your standards. 

I’m happy to receive comments pointing out typos, because I then go in and fix said typos. For me the thing that stood out about the screenshotted comments was the tone.

If this had been me, I would have no problem with a comment along the lines: “Oh, by the way, I spotted a typo. You used you’re instead of your here.”

That points out the mistake in a way that assumes this is just a typo, a common mistake that just about everyone makes at some point when writing.

However, what the comment-giver actually does is: “This is a mistake and I’m going to assume you don’t know what you’re doing and give you a lesson in grammar that you didn’t ask for and quite likely don’t need because this is one example of an error and not a problem that’s constant through your fic.”

The author here thanks the comment-giver for pointing out the mistake - but complains about the condescending and discouraging way it’s done. I do think pointing out mistakes and typos is fine - but work on the assumption that it’s a simple mistake, one which slipped through the cracks during editing. Don’t assume it’s your place to lecture the author about grammar. And, since you’re leaving a comment anyway, following the above advice about leaving positive words as well is good idea, especially if the fic’s by a new writer.

And don’t assume you deserve anything from a writer of fanfic, which is free, and a labor of love. Keep being critical, and that well of free content will dry the fuck up.

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